Training studio «KUB»

is an independent association of professional trainers with extensive experience in the field of training personnel of various companies in the Ukrainian market.

We see our mission as –

to contribute to the fact that business training becomes flexible, non-standard, as effective as possible, and customers receive benefit and pleasure.

Our credo:
You can't teach an adult anything, he can only LEARN!

Our approach:
trainer does not teach (does not give lectures, does not write prescriptions). Trainer CREATES CONDITIONS in which participants can increase their effectiveness through voluntary and active development of new knowledge and skills.

Core Values/Principles

The focus is always on changing the professional and personal attitudes of the participants and changing their behavior patterns. This leads to an increase in the efficiency of employees in their professional activities.


Training programs are developed for the situation and the customer's request.


Programs, if necessary, adapt to the level and request of specific groups of participants.


We are focused on long-term cooperation, and therefore offer comprehensive solutions to customer requests.

Complex solutions.

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